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B.o.B. - No Future @ Odd Future

Okay so this track by B.o.B. has got to be targeted at Tyler and Odd Future. Some are a bit skeptical .... I can read the lyrics and the song title and this shit has their name written all over it. Listen in for yourself below, there is a lot of dissing here.


B.o.B. - No Future


Theophilus London on Century Girl

This track is for real cherry, Century Girl. Supposively it is a left over off 'Lover's Holiday'. Theophilus is one of my favorite acts, he gots the style and the beats and keeps delievering. Keep on the trail he should be dropping a new album sometime this Summer. Check out the track below and you can download it for free as well.


Theophilus London featuring Devonte Hynes - Century Girl


XX - Booty but Minnesota remixin'

Here his another remix Minneota has aced. He dropped this once he hit 4,000 fans on Facebook and it sounds like a good thing. Got it on Soundclound below, enjoy.


XX Booty (Minnesota RMX) by Minnesota


Daft Punk - Fall M83 x Big Black Delta remix

Yea the soundtrack was "r3conf1gur3d" but this track stands out. Synths meet bass lines. This Daft Punk track remixed by M83 and Big Black Delta is shooting eagle. This is how you control a track and make it your own, check it below.


Daft Punk - Fall (M83 x Big Black Delta remix)


Axwell - Heart Is King

This is a f^83@!2 cherry right here. Axwell, yea that one dude from Swedish House Mafia, kills it on this mix titled Heart Is King. The only problem right now is that it is a bit short but otherwise it is solid. As the picture suggests, hang loose.


Axwell - Heart Is King by axwellofficial


Cults - You Know What I mean

The New York team Cults has released a new track that reminds you of something a bit older. Just take a listen I have little time, music is speaking for itself today.


Cults - You Know What I Mean


B.o.B. - NY,NY (Crysis 2)

This is a promotional track for the video game Crysis 2 which releases today. I am late for class so these next posts will be short, just to get the content out there. Enjoy.


B.o.B. -NY,NY (Crysis 2)


New Fleet Foxes - Battery Kinzie

First it was Helplessness Blues (found here) that really grabbed my attention and started the trail for Fleet Foxes. I cannot tell you the number of times that song has been blasted in the car coming back from a long night out, it is too perfect. Today though we have another track titled Battery Kinzie. It is a quick story compared to the former, but it still brings the best. Check it out below while I go to finance class and do some serious discounting of monies.

 Fleet Foxes - Battery Kinzie