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Video: Poliça - Warrior Lord

As previously mentioned here, Poliça is dropping their sophmore album Shulamith October 22th. They are sparking interest now with visuals for Warrior Lord. If you are just now catching onto the band do not fret, there is much more to come; Poliça is bringing more and more to the table with each release. Enjoy the murky waters above and the winding trails ahead.


Video: Sky Ferreira - You're Not The One

I get it - I am not the one! Sky Ferreira has released a video that would change any mans mind in regards to having a relationship with her. First of all it looked like they were having a great time at a club filled with flashy lights and killer leather jackets. The next thing you know she is carving up the dudes stomach with the word "NOT". I do not get it Sky, we really thought you were a sexy chick with no really weird/odd tendencies. With that out of the way - I really do love her latest video for You're Not the One. She acts out a fling with a guy who just is not the one for her. Cheers to the great video and we will be on the look out for her debut album Night Time, My Time -releasing October 29th.


Video: Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance

What a way to start off the week. Their florescent glow, like a streaking comet in a dark Fall sky (a brightening sheen in this darkening season), carries on in their latest video. Daft Punk is accompanied by Nile Rogers and Pharrell on a stage that is sure to impress. The crowd is loving it and so am I. Check out the robots in Lose Yourself to Dance above.


Artist Ode: Woodkid

Wikipedia quick glance: Yoann Lemoine is a French music video director, graphic designer and singer-songwriter. His most notable works include his music video direction for Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream", Taylor Swift's single "Back to December", Lana Del Rey's "Born to Die" and Mystery Jets' "Dreaming of Another World".

I could talk about Woodkid and how amazing his live performance was at The Fonda Theatre, but nothing I say can come close to the feeling you have of watching this man perform. He brings with him his own orchestra, cutting no corners for the sake of costs. It is a performance I will never forget and a plan is in place to see him again.

Much like Willis Earl Beal you feel the passion in his performance and he makes those around him believe in new limits. I recommend you all do yourselves a favor and download Golden Age. Your weekend will start off on the right foot.


Video: Coldplay - Atlas from Hunger Games Soundtrack

Coldplay has dropped off a great set of Dr. Seuss inspired constellations in their video accompanying their piano driven track Atlas. Take note of the visuals above as you wait for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in theaters November 22.


Video: Empire of the Sun - DNA

The Australian duo of Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore are back - and by back I mean being themselves in another killer music video. With their crazy yet awesome space/robocop get-ups they manage to get from bus to bicycle with zero problems. Their problems only begin once the police arrive - that always seems to be the case. Watch the biker gang above and be sure check out Empire of the Sun's latest alubum, Ice On the Dune, out on now iTunes.


Video: JMSN - Love & Pain


WOODKID Performs Live - I Love You