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Only The Tribe believes in fully supporting the artists and provides this music as a means of spreading the word only. We love the music we listen to and only wish to share the wealth. If you are an artist, DJ, filmmaker, etc. and wish to be featured on our blog, hit us up. If you are an artist or label and would like us to remove any posting please contact us. Thanks for reading and listening and most of all enjoy the journey.



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Twin Shadow - Old Love / New Love

George Lewis Jr. = Twin Shadow = "So Sweet!" I have been listening to this guy make beats for the past three years and he never dissapoints. He produced this cherry pick with the vocals of D'Angelo Lacy. Old Love / New Love touches on past relationships - something ol' George finds o so sweet.


Video: Chela - Vegas Nights + Mixtape Stream

Bon Chela is a Melbourne babe that is catching some mementum like a wave making its way through a jetty. She has offered up Vegas Nights, a track that is featured on her Zero Mixtape. The track is free to download below and has come dynamite hooks accompanied by some jazzy vocals.

Check out the video above and get the free track right on below.


Oh I nearly forgot.... you can stream her Zero Mixtape here as well!


Video: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - White Walls

I love this dudes music videos. Every peice of clothing looks like something straight out of my wardrobe. To see where Macklemore & Ryan Lewis began in terms of with OnlyTheTribe click here (back in 2010 Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were already making moves). Click play above and let these colorful visuals do the talking.



Video: Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You 

Here is my girl Ellie Goulding. It has been some time since I posted a trail by Ellie but this one caught my earbuds by surprise. She has covered a track by The Waterboy's titled How Long Will I Love You. This ballad is ooh so short and sweet. It plays to your heart strings. The recording will be used for the soundtrack of the romantic comedy About Time starring Rachel McAdams (very sexy). Enjoy her ever-so lovely video above ... and let us shed a tear for our red headed lovers.


Sunni Colòn – Thrill

This is the first time I have trailed Sunni Colòn but I believe it will be one we follow for some time. Thrill is a bonafide 80's jam with hints of Chromeo & Bruno Mars (if those could some how exhist in a parrell musical wonderland).


Kings of Leon Cover Robyn + New Songs

Kings on Leon spent their day at BBC Radio 1 promoting their upcoming album Mechanical Bull. During their time they spilled a beautiful rendition of Robyn's track Dancing on My Own. It is as cherry a cover as I have seen in some time now - turning a "forgotten" track into a killer work of art. Now I would just like to see them remake Robyn's Call Your Girlfriend. Along with this live performance we have a few live licks of their latest material. Check out what the King's stirred up.


Active Child - Subtle featuring Mikky Ekko

Active Child (Pat Grossi) and Mikky Ekko, previous trail riders of OnlyTheTribe, put together an 80's synth-pop rad anthem for Active's upcoming EP Rapor. Their vocals imposed over soaring beats and sharp wind instruments gives me goose bumps. This one will be played on the heavy for the weeks to come.




Album Stream: MGMT - MGMT

Self-titled album, MGMT - What more is there to say? I am busy enjoying ...... just sign in to Rdio & click play.