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MØ - Never Wanna Know

More This Copenhagen artist is pushing the limits in 2013 with an epically titled EP to soon release by the title Bikini Daze. In Never Wanna Know we hear of 's distaste of any word of her old loves' new romance. She may be "crazy about you" but she is not prepared to listen to your heart beat for another. Check out her latest track above and be ready for the Bikini Daze which releases October 20th.


Video: Sky Ferreira - You're Not The One

I get it - I am not the one! Sky Ferreira has released a video that would change any mans mind in regards to having a relationship with her. First of all it looked like they were having a great time at a club filled with flashy lights and killer leather jackets. The next thing you know she is carving up the dudes stomach with the word "NOT". I do not get it Sky, we really thought you were a sexy chick with no really weird/odd tendencies. With that out of the way - I really do love her latest video for You're Not the One. She acts out a fling with a guy who just is not the one for her. Cheers to the great video and we will be on the look out for her debut album Night Time, My Time -releasing October 29th.


1987 - Ocean

This track by 1987 screams action sports to me. I am a big fan of snow boarding, surfing and other extreme sports movies and Ocean reminds me of an Art of Flight track that is placed perfectly amongst the visuals. If I did not know this was 1987, I would have thought that The Weeknd just did a collaboration with Sigur Ros (which would be as cherry as a sunset in September). Enjoy the first up from 1987 and we will be sure to catch his trails.


Avicii - Hey Brother

With the drop of Avicii's Truth this past week he can not go unnoticed here on The Tribe. He has always offered a unique sound for his fans and which is why he is one of the todays top DJ's, producers and remix man. My favorite track off this album is Hey Brother in which he smashes together some country "twang" with some beats made for "house".


Quick Up: Katy Perry featuring Juicy J - Dark Horse

Katy Perry does not find her way onto The Tribe that often. Today she broke that chain with her latest track Dark Horse. This is a quick up for Katy & Juicy J as she does have an album coming out, Prism, and I must admit I am kind of liking her music.


The Killers + M83 - Shot at the Night 

This is The Killers bounce back from their less than lustrous album Battle Born. With the help of M83, The Killers have put together a synth-rad anthem that pumps me up for their upcoming greatest hits package, Direct Hits. I will keep us updated on their latest trails along with their November 11th package.


Interview: The Darlingtons

First off big ups to The Darlingtons! The guys connected with us via twitter and it was not long before I was pushing them to do an interview for The Tribe. In the past I have just had interviews done through e-mail. I knew that it was time to flip the switch. Here we have The Darlingtons in our first ever video interview and I must admit I really have dropped the ball these last couple of years. The Darlingtons have guided The Tribe in a new direction and from here on out we are going to do everything we can do have video interviews for The Tribe. We will be trailing The Darlingtons from here on out and we hope that you all dig them as much as we do.

Their EP 'Who Says There’s No Beach In Doncaster’ is out today and you can purchase it from their online store here. Check out all the great stuff we have for you below.

Oh and we have an exclusive look at their upcoming EP Artwork!!

Darlingtons Facebook & Twitter


Video: Daft Punk - Lose Yourself to Dance

What a way to start off the week. Their florescent glow, like a streaking comet in a dark Fall sky (a brightening sheen in this darkening season), carries on in their latest video. Daft Punk is accompanied by Nile Rogers and Pharrell on a stage that is sure to impress. The crowd is loving it and so am I. Check out the robots in Lose Yourself to Dance above.