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Only The Tribe believes in fully supporting the artists and provides this music as a means of spreading the word only. We love the music we listen to and only wish to share the wealth. If you are an artist, DJ, filmmaker, etc. and wish to be featured on our blog, hit us up. If you are an artist or label and would like us to remove any posting please contact us. Thanks for reading and listening and most of all enjoy the journey.



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Video: James Blake & Chance the Rapper – Life Round Here

Today we take a ride along side James Blake and Chance the Rapper. Their video for Life Round Here, takes us on a slow ride showing some familiar acts in life. We have the twerkers, the brawlers, the gatherers and the followers. Check out the trail above.


Video: Poliça - Warrior Lord

As previously mentioned here, Poliça is dropping their sophmore album Shulamith October 22th. They are sparking interest now with visuals for Warrior Lord. If you are just now catching onto the band do not fret, there is much more to come; Poliça is bringing more and more to the table with each release. Enjoy the murky waters above and the winding trails ahead.


Fe - Mother Russia

A whimsical track, Mother Russia, warms our ears for the winter ahead. This is the first spot for Fe on The Tribe and really is the first I have heard of her. Of course she is from London (nothing bad about that - I just seem to enjoy music from overseas more than my homelands' talents) and of course she has a cooler hat than me - that won't stop us from following her trail. Take a listen above and let us hope she finds her Russia.


Sia - Elastic Heart featuring The Weeknd & Diplo

Holy cannoli! Sia, The Weeknd & Diplo on one track - a cherry mother f%#$' tripod! The track, Elastic Heart, is off the upcoming Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack which is out Novermber 19th. This only means that I will be giving my thanks on turkey day to the wonderful Artists featured on this soundtrack. Listen in above and we will keep on the trails for any releasses prior to drop day.


Video: The Killers x M83 - Shot at the Night

Previously on Only the Tribe: "This is The Killers bounce back from their less than lustrous album Battle Born. With the help of M83, The Killers have put together a synth-rad anthem that pumps me up for their upcoming greatest hits package, Direct Hits. I will keep us updated on their latest trails along with their November 11th package."

Today we have the visuals for the recently released track Shot at the Night which we trailed earlier this month. The video follows a Las Vegas room attendant, whose typical day turns into a shot at the night. She finds herself on the back of Max Minghella's (FaceBook movie) Vespa cruising down the strip. Finishing with a kiss at sundown - this is a happy story.


For the Weekend Friday: Live @ Red Rocks The Avett Brothers - Head Full of Doubt / Road Full of Promise

For the Weekend Friday (FTWF) will be an offering from The Tribe that makes for a joy-filled weekend. We will post our favorite acts for no rhyme or reason - other than the fact that they are awesome. For the first FTWF we have come up with The Avett Brothers performing at Red Rocks. They are one of those rare acts that fills each performance with the passion that flows through their bodies. I hope you all enjoy our FTWF's and will follow the trails to come - Cheers.



Channy Leaneagh, also known as Poliça, is following up her 2012 critically acclaimed debut album Give You the Ghost (a grand name for an album released on Valentine's Day!) with the release of Shulamith. Smug begins with an eerie synth sound and builds into an elctro-pop track that has me stoked for the upcoming album - which drops October 22nd. Note that I did not use the album artwork for Shulamith in this post as I just could not handle the intensity on a Friday - you can click here if you are so inclined to take a peak.


MØ - Never Wanna Know

More This Copenhagen artist is pushing the limits in 2013 with an epically titled EP to soon release by the title Bikini Daze. In Never Wanna Know we hear of 's distaste of any word of her old loves' new romance. She may be "crazy about you" but she is not prepared to listen to your heart beat for another. Check out her latest track above and be ready for the Bikini Daze which releases October 20th.