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Interview: The Darlingtons

First off big ups to The Darlingtons! The guys connected with us via twitter and it was not long before I was pushing them to do an interview for The Tribe. In the past I have just had interviews done through e-mail. I knew that it was time to flip the switch. Here we have The Darlingtons in our first ever video interview and I must admit I really have dropped the ball these last couple of years. The Darlingtons have guided The Tribe in a new direction and from here on out we are going to do everything we can do have video interviews for The Tribe. We will be trailing The Darlingtons from here on out and we hope that you all dig them as much as we do.

Their EP 'Who Says There’s No Beach In Doncaster’ is out today and you can purchase it from their online store here. Check out all the great stuff we have for you below.

Oh and we have an exclusive look at their upcoming EP Artwork!!

Darlingtons Facebook & Twitter


Interview: Blonds

Being that I am away from my University for a month I had some time to find you all an interview with a rad new group. Jordy Asher and Cari Rae of Blonds were awesome enough to be our huckleberry. The dating duo are early in their musical career, but it wasn't something I wanted to duck dive. Blonds give us a break from the "main stream" and make for a much appreciated change of pace. Check out their first EP, Dark Roots, read the interview below, watch the video and end with the stream (the order doesn't matter just don't miss a step). 


The Tribe: I read that Blonds is the "dating duo", did music have anything to do with what brought y'all together?

Blonds: Actually, it had everything to do with what brought us together. We met because of music, we connected because of music, and we continue to grow every day together because of our deep seeded love and life, for music.


The Tribe: Was forming Blonds (a band) something that had been discussed for a while / something you guys planned on doing together? Were you guys ever in groups prior to Blonds?

Blonds: It was something that we casually discussed, but we didn't plan on doing anything as soon as this. We just kind of woke up one day and the inspiration between the two of us was just too big of an elephant to keep a blanket over in the room anymore. Our 'Dark Roots' EP was the beginning of a serious purge! I have never been involved in a band, but Jordy has been in bands and writing music since he was a teenager.


The Tribe: Why Blonds? From the band camp pic. and the music video it doesn't appear either of you have blond hair.

Blonds: Jordy really likes how the word and this particular spelling of "blonds" sounds. He once had a band called "Blond Fuzz" and when we were brainstorming band names, he concluded that name was "awesome because of the 'blonds' part and fucking stupid because of the 'fuzz'". We like the irony of our both having very dark hair. Also, we like that the connotation of the word 'blond' doesn't depict our characters. 


The Tribe: What are the tasks for each of you in recording a track? Do you both write lyrics, who plays the instruments, etc....

Blonds: Jordy plays all of the instruments when we record, as he is a far superior musician! Usually he sends me a skeleton of some sort and then we lay everything down together so we can yay/nay things or add to the sound (Two head are better than one, right?). We both write lyrics, but usually Jordy's already got a vocal line or some key phrases/words by the time the skeleton is coming my way. Typically the vocals are the final touch, and I sing it loose to see where my voice wants to go with the feel of the sound.


The Tribe: Jordy and Cari what is the favorite tattoo on the others body? (that is of course the video for 206 is you guys and it appears it is).

Blonds: I would have to say my favorite tattoo on Jordy in the autumn-colored leaves on his right forearm because it reminds me of a song that means a lot to me. Jordy says his favorite tattoo on me is, "the one none of you will ever see." 


The Tribe: What are the future plans for Blonds?

Blonds: We are currently recording our full length and plan on touring in the spring. We'll be playing a lot of shows at the start of 2012 and doing some more music videos in support of our "Dark Roots" EP.


INTERVIEW! White Arrows 

The Tribe: Where are the dudes from and what are their names? and did any of them grow up in the same neighborhood?

Steven Vernet  (SV): We are from Los Angeles.  Mickey Church (singer/guitar), Henry Church (drums), JP Caballero (Guitar), Steven Vernet (Bass), Andrew Naeve (keys/sampler).  Henry and Mickey grew up in the same house, and I (Steven) grew up in the same neighborhood as them.  JP and the brothers grew up as a family friends, but later found out they were related by way of artificial insemination. Mickey and I were both born up Beachwood Canyon, but did not meet until later in life when they were both in the ocean on surf boards.  Andy joined the group after he and Mickey met in orbit above the earths’ atmosphere.


The Tribe: Favorite foods for the guys.... snacks... certain restaurants, particular style of foods.

Mickey Church (MC): For Steven and Andy, they pretty much stick to the McDonald's menu.  I (Mickey) am all about snacking (see and JP has a mono diet, where he only eats one thing thru different times.  Right now he found out that bananas may be nearing extinction, so he's been primarily eating bananas.  Henry pretty much eats sandwiches.


The Tribe: The first thing I noticed, before hearing a musical note, was the fashion style of the band members (drummer with 80's cut board shorts, floral shirts , etc...).  What can we learn about these fellas from their attire?

MC: You just have to embody what you want to feel on the inside.  For us it's all about feeling tropical, and representing colors.  We tie-dye, and with that no two shirts are ever exactly the same, like snowflakes.


The Tribe: It was mentioned that they would be touring with The Naked and Famous! First off I send congrats to the band and everyone involved, but I am curious what the bands outlook is for this whole experience?  What makes this tour different from other tours for White Arrows.  

MC: This tour is especially important to us, not just because of the size of the venues we are playing, but because it's our first tour that’s taking us for a FULL U.S./Canada run.  It's going to be our first time going to the east coast and playing.  We've done west coast tours prior to this, and have had some amazing ones at that.  Our very first tour was with Cults, and Magic Kids, then we became best friends with Those Darlin's when we went out with them.  Played a few dates on the way out to Sasquatch Festival with our monochromatic brothers White Denim, and have played some momentous one offs with Ariel Pink, and Weezer. Just before we start this epic adventure with The Naked and Famous, we will be playing a week of our own shows in London, so that's equally as exciting. 


The Tribe: Last question, where do you guys write your music? Are there any locations where "words seem to flow" more easily? Or, is it spontaneous and thrown together off crumpled up, smeared papers? Is there a particular member who writes for the group or are all members in collaboration?

SV: Mickey has written most of the songs thus far, but Andy and him have been collaborating on writing for the new record - the first song being Get Gone, which was just released as a 7inch in September 2011. Once the song is written, the other members add their flavor.  Henry, for instance, is playing drums on Get Gone and a lot of the upcoming songs, and JP plays on a lot of the recordings as well.


Kick ass y'all, cheers on the tour and hope to hear more in the coming days!


White Arrows - Get Gone by WHITEARROWS



The Morgansterns Interview

My guess is many of you have never heard of The Morgansterns. This was true for myself until I received an e-mail that politely introduced me to these lads out of L.A. I took the trail offered up and listened to their album 'No Talking'. When at first listen it feels like you've written the lyrics yourself ( you have these thoughts in you're head and now somebody put them in a song) you know you are dealing with something special, that something is the Morganstern's and their new album 'No Talking' is one I instantly felt a self-connection with. Honestly within a few minutes I knew I wanted to do an interview so ..... I worked it out. This way not only does it allow you all to get to know them better, but in my own selfish existence I wanted to know more about this band. I tip my hat ahead of time to everyone involved and appreciate all the fans/supporters of OnlyTheTribe. Check em' out below and lets continue to find these hidden trails.

Me: For starters, you are based out of L.A. did all you grow up in California or was it like a dream for some of you to make it to the Golden State? Where there other reasons for being in L.A. for some of you?

The Morgansterns: We are all from California, which in itself was like a dream.  We stayed here because we couldn't imagine being away from Pup 'n Taco... they had hot dogs AND tacos! We all love hot dogs and tacos.  That led directly to our love of music.  One day when we were kids Jamie and Ben (G) were at Pup 'n Taco (Jamie was eating a hot dog and Ben was eating a taco) and they had a radio on.  It was lightning struck.  Cyndi Lauper's  "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was on and we just freaked out.  The rest was history.

Me: So you guys were recently on tour, could you summarize the East coast travels/gigs?

The Morgansterns: We were told the tour went great.  East coast audiences tend to be a lot more generous than LA crowds.  All we can say about the tour is we felt lucky to get back home alive.  We ran out of drugs and were forced to come home.  We realize that some drugs are illegal so please edit as you see fit.  Thank you.

*note* I didn't edit this because it is awesome!

Me: If you guys could select one of your songs for any movie scene what song and what movie scene would it be?

The Morgansterns: That's easy.  It would be "Torn in Two" in the closing scene of Blame It on Rio. I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

Me: It says you're latest album was produced by Barrie Maguire. I am curious how involved you guys are in the prodction side of your albums ...... basically just wanting to know how much of the producing you guys have done in the past compared to the most recent album 'No Talking'

The Morgansterns: We were intimately involved in the production of the record, like all of our music, but we knew we could work with Barrie because he's as big a jackass as we are.

Me: This last question is open ended - tell us a funny / awesome story about The Morgansterns.

The Morgansterns: We were at Niagara Falls early in the morning, having had no sleep the night before, and decided screw it, let's get some barrels and ride this puppy.  So the five of us went over Niagara Falls in barrels.  Ruined our hair-dos, but what are you gonna do?


The Morgansterns by Microhits

Connect with The Morgansterns



Facebook Fan Page


Interview: JOYWAVE 

Without further ado .... our fourth interview. We had been working on this while I was traveling back to California for school and it kind of got lost in the weeds. This week we  were able to get the ball rolling once again and completed the "interview transaction". With not much content available for listen it was hard to pinpoint this groups direction, which is why I had to request the interview in the first place. JOYWAVEs' singer/guitarist Dan sat down and put meaning to the band.

Me: First things first, who in the heck makes up JOYWAVE? I know very little about JOYWAVE and I imagine that is true for many, tell us a little about each person and their role in JOYWAVE.

JOYWAVE: I'm Dan, I sing and play guitar.  Sean plays bass, Joey plays guitar, Andy plays keyboards/aux percussion, and Paul plays drums.  As far as producer, I think you guys posted "Golden State", which David Kahne produced for us.  A couple of the other tracks ("Traveling At The Speed Of Light" among them) I produced.

Me: Where are you all from? Did you all attend college? What kind of activities make up the perfect summer weekend day/night for you guys.

JW: We're all from Rochester, NY and attended various state schools.  A perfect day/night usually includes beer and laptop recording.

Me: How did JOYWAVE come to be?

JW: We've all been friends for quite awhile, and we've been in various past projects with each other, but this is the first time the 5 of us have been together at the same time.

Me: Along the way what artists have you found influenced JOYWAVE or influenced you individually? Were there people who came and went because they doubted you or didn't see it working out?

JW: This is always a difficult question.  I don't really listen to music when I'm writing.  I make what I want to listen to, and whatever comes out, comes out.  The band kind of came together around a series of demos I wrote in 2009/2010, and I more or less locked myself in a basement away from the world to create those.  I guess our music is a product of everything we've heard from birth until now.  I'll cite Soft Cell as an influence. No one has come and gone, but Andy is the most recent addition to the group.

Me: When it comes to writing a song, what is the toughest part of the process?

JW: Deciding what I want to say.  The lyrics flow pretty naturally once I figure that out.

Me: With that in mind, is there going to be a debut album for JOYWAVE? Anything in the process?

JW: More singles in the works, hopefully an album in the future.


The Northern Lights Interview


Traveling across America you need to be prepared for long hours. I put my faith in the playlists I created and one of those groups held its water, The Northern Lights. I had been listening to them off and on, just giving them a couple of plays a week, but on my adventure I discovered just how awesome they were. If you could buy stock (wall street) in a musical group this would be one of those goldmines. They are very early in their journey with only one album released, which you can listen and download for free (or donate if you are awesome) here, but they will be growing and growing strong. Their material is supported by the right people and that is why I went ahead and got us all an interview (sorry for "got" but I enjoy using improper grammar).

Me: First one is who all makes up Northern lights? Where did members meet? Grow up ?

TNL: The Northern Lights (TNL) is: Kyle Lampert originally from Boston; Riki Lavi originally from LA; Jason Majlessi (Jah), originally from San Francisco; and Aaron Schechter (Sheck), originally from Philly. Kyle, Jason and Aaron met at Lehigh University where the group was conceived. Jah and Sheck already had a hip-hop duo (called Divine Rhyme), so TNL was created as an outlet for a different type of hip-hop. Whereas Divine Rhyme was more traditional underground hip-hop, TNL came to be a more ambient, conscious blend of hip-hop and trip-hop. Riki came into the picture one weekend while visiting a friend at Lehigh. We were recording the song "Slow Burn" and at the time looking for someone to sing the hook. Our mutual friend suggested she give it a try and we've been making music as a group ever since.

Me: What roles do the members play ( producer/vocals/instrument etc.)?

TNL: Jah is the main MC while Sheck is a guest MC. Riki does the singing parts. Kyle is the producer and either plays or sequences all of the instruments you hear.

Me: Is 'Journey Through Your Minds Eye' your debut album? Was it self produced ?

TNL: JTYME was our first album. We started it in late 2008, writing and recording one track at a time, and ended up releasing it in early February of 2010. We were all full-time students during this period, so it was definitely a gradual process. All of the arrangement, mixing, and mastering was done by Kyle in Logic Studio on a Macbook Pro. He's a big fan of Logic because it allows him to create very adequate sounding tracks from start to finish without any external software. A lot of the sounds that you hear on the album were created within Logic. Many people get too hung up on looking for software or an instrument or a tool that will give them a great sound without any effort, but it can be equally as easy to get an interesting and unique sound by tweaking something that might not sound interesting from the start. When building tracks Kyle usually starts with either a guitar or by programming a beat, and builds the track from there. One of the hardest things to get right in both production and in mixing is creating an arrangement that will both allow the track to breathe as well as represent all of the instruments and voices in the stereo space. We're always trying to improve our sound and we think our next record will be an order of magnitude better than our debut, in terms of both how it sounds and the songwriting itself.

Me: Where did the name Northern Lights come from?

TNL: Jason and Kyle decided on the name- The Northern Lights is another name for the natural phenomenon aurora borealis. At a high level, we both wanted our music to be about an auditory and visual experience. Aurora borealis just happened to be something that we related visually to what we envisioned that experience to be.

Me: What are some interests outside of music?

TNL: We all work in different industries, but at the end of the day our passion is music, which encompasses writing, listening, and performing. We're kept pretty busy by all that.

Me: If you guys had a chance to collaborate with somebody who would it be?

TNL: The Emancipator (Doug Appling) would definitely be our top choice for a collaboration. Jason and Kyle are huge fans of Doug and his music; it's a very well produced blend of electronic and organic sounds over trip-hop beats.

Me: Are there plans for another album / where do you all see Northern Lights in years down the road?

TNL: Yes- we're going to be releasing an album sometime in late spring of this year. We'll probably be performing a few shows in NYC over the next few months, so be sure to follow us on Facebook (



Interview: Kyla La Grange

I have taken another swan dive into an artists' life. Last week I didn't know the difference between Kyla la Grange and the lady with the straw hat walking her two 'purse sized' pups. Now I know that Kyla exists in the world of music, where the landscape will accept her because she influences the boundaries to sprawl outward. Read on and see that we have ourselves a Special K; mountains above the cereal, we have Special Kyla (corny meter has reached max).

Me: First off Kyla if I were doing this interview face-to-face what could we expect to see you strolling around wearing? A wrist filled with meaningful/meaningless bracelets? Any tattoos?

Kyla: Probably an oversized T-shirt masquerading as a dress. One tattoo - it's a boat.

Me: To get to know you better did you / do you attend college? What was your direction of study and did you find studies in your life to help you in music per-say? Is music what defines you or do you have other aspirations?

Kyla: Yes I did - I've got a degree in Philosophy. I loved it - I was so interested in what I was studying. I don't think studying philosophy helped me with music, though I suppose it made me a little wiser (I hope), but being at university itself did - it was the first time I went out with my guitar and started playing my own songs. I don't think music is what defines me, in as much as it's hard to say any one thing defines a person. But music certainly is hugely important to me, and even if I couldn't make a career out of it I would always write songs.

Me: In five years where would you want music to have taken Kyla la Grange? Have you realized there aren't limits to what you as an artist can do?

Kyla: I would like to have finished my third album, have played some amazing festivals and venues around the world, and most of all, to feel proud of and happy with what I had created.

Me: If you could pick any venue in the world to perform at where would it be? Would you have a band open for you? If so what band would that be?

Kyla: There's so much to choose from, I just don't know. I love the idea of performing somewhere that isn't necessarily designed as a venue, like a big cave or on top of a cliff. Something like that would be wonderful. As for who would open for me, there are so many artists I love and admire but to relegate them to my opening slot seems very patronizing! Some of my favorite artists are Cat Power, Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes, The National, Band of Horses, Jacob Golden....I could go on.

Me: To quote almost famous, do you have to be in love to write a love song? Do you have to be sad to write a sad song? In general what inspires you to write your music?

Kyla: I've only ever written one love song, and I don't play it anymore.
I think I can only write when I am sad, or at the very least wracked with worry.....that's the best time to write. It's the best kind of misery, when you can create something out of it. I rely on being able to write to save me from sitting in a dark corner doing nothing when I am unhappy. That's the motivation - but the inspiration for the song can come from anywhere.

Me: With your first single being released Walk Through Walls are there plans for a first album?

Kyla: Absolutely. The first album is already written, and about three-quarters recorded. Watch this space...




Conner Youngblood; True Texas - flesh and blood

I contacted Conner because I was interested beyond belief with his music. The first single I heard of his was Monster and he hit it on all levels. After posting a quick journal I thought I had gone far enough. That would prove wrong after I continued to play his music over and over. This was one of those times where I had to get in contact with somebody because I needed to know more. I found Conner and he agreed to do a quick interview for us. Enjoy the words below as much as the words in his music.

Me: First off I have to ask you if Conner Youngblood is your birth name, and if so, I bet a lot of those vampire + "twilight" chicks are loving you .... ha. On a serious note though, where were you raised / first place you called home?

Conner: Yesssir, Conner Youngblood is in fact my real deal name, and yes, vampire chicks dig me. Even more Twilight-esque of my name is the fact that Conner means (were)wolf lover in Gaelic according to various baby name websites. As for my hometown, I was born and raised in Dallas, TX, aka the coolest place on earth.

Me: Was there any certain people that influenced you to get into music or did you find it on your own? Once you realized that music was what you enjoyed how did you go about really learning "music"? Did you pursue a teacher? Or other musicians? Or did you really just pick it up on your own and loved doing your own thing without much outside communication?

Conner: Music just kinda happened. I was the “starting” 6th chair clarinet in middle school band, quit, and moved on to bigger and way cooler things when I got an electric guitar for my 13th birthday. Unfortunately/fortunately I get tired of instruments really easily, and next thing you know I have a piano, accordion, banjo, charango, ukulele, oud, harp, and some other weird instruments scattered across the floor in my room. Even though I took piano lessons for credit for a couple of years in high school, the only instrument I’ve taken serious lessons for is banjo. All of the other instruments with stings I taught myself how to play by ear, and I basically click random buttons when I play accordion haha. I love to play around with all of my instruments and it’s always tough to choose which one to practice…I sort of have musical A.D.D.

Me: How did you decide to pick up the banjo and it use it so often? I have noticed it is a key part to your very unique style, which is why I have grown to enjoy your stuff so much and I think that others would say the same. Should we expect to hear you on the banjo in upcoming tracks?

Conner: I decided on the banjo once I became obsessed with bluegrass music after watching O Brother Where Art Thou for the first time. That movie and its soundtrack are incredible. Even though my music is in no way bluegrass, I like to take bits and pieces of traditional banjo styles and mix them into a contemporary sound. As for my next tracks, I haven’t really decided on using banjo yet. Its been a while since I’ve used accordion or piano on a track, but then again, everything tastes better with a little banjo on top.

Me: Last thing I have to know is what are your aspirations? I know this is a self-reflecting kind of question, but at least in terms of music where do you want to be? What should we expect from Conner Youngblood in the coming months and years?

Conner: I’ve been taking it one day at a time, one song at a time. Music is what I love to do, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Even though I’m basically unknown at the moment, I feel as long as I keep writing new (and hopefully good) music I can turn this passion into a career. (I literally knocked on wood as soon as a typed that last sentence.) In the coming months look for a couple more singles to be released, and hopefully by the summer I can put together a new album. Hopefully years from now I’ll be touring the world, making guest appearances on Kanye’s next album, and doing all of those other things cool musicians do.


I am already stoked on his upcoming tracks and I will be keeping OnlyTheTribe on the trail of Conner Youngblood. Below are some cherry tunes from Conner along with iTunes download links. We all lean on one another so let's support a great musician.


Conner Youngblood - Like an Iceberg

Conner Youngblood - Colored Ghost

Conner Youngblood - Monsters

Conner Youngblood - Girl Hair