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Academy Award Nominations

[click poster for full nomination list]

Alright first off congratulations to all the nominees; it looks to be another good year at the Oscars. I'm gonna quickly throw out some top picks on the record. Here we go:

Best Picture - The Social Network

Actor in a Leading Role - Javier Bardem in Biutiful

Actor in a Supporting Role - Christian Bale in The Fighter

Actress in a Leading Role - Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine

Actress in a Supporting Role - Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit

Animated Feature Film - Toy Story 3

Cinematography - Matthew Libatique for Black Swan or Wally Pfister for Inception

Directing - Tom Hooper for The King's Speech 

Documentary Feature - Restrepo

These are my top picks and for any category I left out... your guess is as good as mine. Feel free to chime in. 


The Tree Of life

The Fountain meets Benjamin Button. No not really that was just something for one uh' my best friends Mr. Bob Burton. There is no way I am going to write any meaningful dialog about this movie; the trailer will speak for itself.





Well, you heard me rant a little yesterday about JOHN CASSAVETES, and last night, my point was proven. I went to a Q&A screening of the movie SOMEWHERE, directed by Sofia Coppola, and stars Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. The movie was absolutely beautiful in my opinion. There was no exposition in the writing, the actors showed depth, there were a lot of quiet moments, it was shot beautifully, and captured the truth of the life of an aging Hollywood actor.

  The only problem I had was the questions from the audience. It seemed like the audience were disappointed with the movie, and this is because of what I was saying yesterday. Society today needs to see action, melodrama, suspense, and every other detail to help them be engaged in a movie. It makes me sick. They don't have patience and can't use their own imagination. Everything has to be explained to them and they need to have their hands held like a bunch of children. It's a shame because it shows how dull and boring people are today. People lack depth and can't even tap into their own emotions anymore when watching a film.

SOMEWHERE is a great movie, period. It is like something straight out of the 70's, which every true artist and filmmaker knows, was the greatest period in cinema history. Sofia made a very smart movie. She made you feel like a "fly on the wall" and allowed you to be a part of the film. Stephen and Elle's performances were great. It's easy for an actor to say, "Fuck you!", or "I love you.", as oppose to an actor doing it with their eyes, or a look. Stephen and Elle did that, and they did it great. Like the saying goes, "Actions speak louder than words." Great job guys.

If John Cassavetes were still alive today, he would thank you Sofia. And anyone who actually knows anything about filmmaking would do the same. Thank you for being a true filmmaker, and not selling-out.

To my dull, boring, and emotionless society, I say this : Enjoy watching movies with 3D, melodrama, cheesy stories, explosions, and cheap thrills. The only ones you are pleasing are the studios who are collecting your money,smiling with their thumbs up in the air, and their middle fingers under the table.




If you were to ask someone in Kansas who their favorite filmmaker's are, you probably would never hear the name, JOHN CASSAVETES. Now, you ask someone like Martin Scorsese, and you might get a little different answer.

Films today, in my mind, are very commercial. You see the same things over and over and over again. They are cliche, dull, and unrealistic. I believe that they cater to people who have no real sense of the truth, and/or are scared to know what the truth is. People don't want to see anything different or powerful because they are use to a certain type of formula. They assume that everything is going to be "ok" and that everyone lives happily ever after. And if they are to show pain, it's in a typical Hollywood format. Well...death, divorce, illness, and pain, occur more than butterflies and kisses do. Listen, I understand that some people go to the movies to escape these things. I get it. But for me, going to the movies was always a way to make me feel like I was not alone. And a strong reminder that life has a flip side.

One filmmaker who had a way of capturing these realistic moments was JOHN CASSAVETES. Watching his movies are like watching movies from a peep hole, or like being a "fly on the wall". He wasn't afraid to show and tell the truth. In my mind, filmmakers, especially indie filmmakers, aspire to be like Cassavetes. His long, dragged out scenes, handheld camera work, and realistic dialogue made you always feel like you were right there in the movie, or even more so, in the moment.

As you will see in the video clips below, he was a very passionate man and had a strong love for filmmaking. He was out-spoken, funny, real, and had a very big heart. Deep down inside, I believe that he knew that the films he made at the time weren't going to be successful then, but rather 10 years or so later. He wanted to leave a legacy and an impact on society. In my mind, he has surpassed that. Thank you for being you John.



White Warriors

I can't help but express my fascination with this short film from Mickey Sanchez. It's got a refreshing indie flavor and while I'll admit it's not for everyone, I have to commend the creativity. With music from Smallboypants and Christian Peslak, the score compliments the seasonal visual design of the piece. The concept behind this heavily music influenced film is reminiscent of Noah and the Whale's similar film project coinciding with the release of The First Days of Spring. All I can say is keep watch for both Mickey Sanchez and Smallboypants in the future. 


After their leader is obliterated by an unseen danger, the remaining members of a group of forest dwelling warriors are left to make it on their own to the yearly pilgrimage site. The seasons change from spring to winter until they finally find what they’ve been looking for. Or have they?