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Only. NY Vintage Flap Hat

Every now and then I post about cherry companies releasing the right gear. Today Only.NY released a vintage flap hat that is second to none. This is one of those fantasic floral scenes you would see on the sofa in beach/lake house where remodleing occurs once every century. None the less this cap is a special one not only because there is 4 worldwide, but because of the killer details. If you want something you surely won't find anywhere else (and definetly is crazy) this is it. Available at Only.Ny (click for the right direction).



Carrera Shades

  Winter is in full swing here in the East, but when I head back to the Pacific I am going to need some shades. I am getting tired of squinting and I just heard of a release at the Good Hood Store that has my eyes fixated. These are some 'Vintage' Carrera's and they make me want to take a sleigh ride with sunglasses on. Check out the signature peice below and more at their online store.






The Award Tour x Beanies !!!!

The Award Tour

It has been to "long". I have been wanting a Long John Beanie from Award Tour for what seems like ages, and I am finally getting one. The Award Tour offers a product by Phillip Annand. I have been following the guy on Madbury Club and Award Tour for a while now and he knows how to weave it 'his way'. For somebody who wants his friends and family to be safe, these beanies are gonna cause quite a ruckus. I'm gunning for that Knicks colorway, but as long as I get one I'm gonna' be grinning from ear to ear. I want all of you to at least check out his sites The Award Tour and The Madbury Club there is something for everyone. This is the right stuff.



Frank Sinatra - My Way



Bruised, Never Broken


Alright I have to post this real quick. PRPS is a denim brand most people don't wear. It isn't because of its quality it's because of the damn price. The jeans originate in Africa where the cotton is harvested then shipped to Japan. Once in Japan it finds it's way to hand selected communities that have perfected the art of denim weaving. Vintage Levi Shuttle Looms, that are above and beyond, weave the cotton along with a signature purple selvedge to create a product with a "Purpose" (PRPS). Behind the prices is this process. It is a unique product and that is why you pay for it. After all, we all want to be The Chief.





Only.NewYork at it again 

This time we got ourselves some winter-time head grazers. I have been looking for something for my return East to hibernate. This release by OnlyNY. will do just the trick.




An Accountant's Best Friend 

All of this accounting had me thinking ..... and ..... I have come to discover the secret weapon of any accountant. It has to be their backpack. They have so many papers and calculators and weird instruments they need something to hold them all. Most likely they have a suitcase, I haven't found anything close to that. I did find something suitable for "normal" backpack users. It is a collaboration between three Japanese sub-labels JUNYA WATANABE, COMME des GARCONS and Porter. They offer up two versions and both are perfect for carrying your books or clothes or whatever (just not finance calculators). The design and pattern follows fall, but isn't defined by just one season. This is a perfect addition to your carrying choices. I have to put my accounting duffel bag back on, but until next time you all keep your backpack's light.





OnlyNY. This independent brand coming out of Manhattan is being heard by us here at Only The Tribe. Ever since I picked up one of their corduroy vintage hats, I haven't taken my eye off em'. Within their Vintage collection, we have seen the likes of Hawaiian snap backs to floral fantasies. Today they dropped an addition to the line and one of the four hats, the Vintage Aztec, particularly stood out. It resembles nothing in my collection of hats and made me realize I had to tell others about OnlyNY. Along with the Aztec there are 3 others including a grandpa hat that I hope to be sporting when I'm in my later years. This latest addition to their Vintage series tells me they are continuing on a unique trail and that is exactly what I look for. Hopefully you will all take a look at their collection and pick up something from their Vintage series. Don't just wish for those stars, fight for em'.





Boots, leather, and jeans. What else does a man need right? In the 70's it was all about the man. Chest hair, and facial scruff weren't an accessory like they are today. They were a characteristic. If you had it, you had it. You didn't shave it off to show your shredded pecs. You flaunted it because, well, you were a man. But, like the chest hair, the clothes were just as important. To me, nothing screams "man" more than a broken-in pair of jeans, a beat-up pair of boots, and some nice rugged leather. Unfortunately, it's hard to find these things without them being butchered by some overpriced fashion designer. Even if they do have that vintage look to them, they're not. They're just designed to look that way, which, might "look" cool, but they don't have the wear and tear and history that they "appear" to have. So where do you go to get the real stuff? SCHAEFFER'S GARMENT HOTEL. That's where. If you live in L.A., and haven't been here yet, GO. From vintage boots from the 60's, to rugged biker jacket's from the 70's, they have it. And if they don't have it, they will find it.  Military, cowboy, harness, work, THEY'VE GOT IT ALL! They also make their own raw denim which fits like a glove. AND, if you like hats, you're in luck because they got those too. Actually, GUNNER does. Gunner Foxx is the only real and true Hollywood hat maker out there in Los Angeles. The guy has been doing this since he was a kid. Fedora's, top hats, newspaper boy caps, you name, he's got it, and if he doesn't he will make it. The guy is unreal, and like everyone else at the shop, he is cool as f**k. He also has designed hats for many movies. Remember that flick Gangs of New York? Remember all the cool hats people like Leo were wearing? Yeah. Thank Gunner.

And don't worry if you don't have chest hair. They've got plenty of shirts to cover it up.


Schaeffer's Garment Hotel