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The Morgansterns Interview

My guess is many of you have never heard of The Morgansterns. This was true for myself until I received an e-mail that politely introduced me to these lads out of L.A. I took the trail offered up and listened to their album 'No Talking'. When at first listen it feels like you've written the lyrics yourself ( you have these thoughts in you're head and now somebody put them in a song) you know you are dealing with something special, that something is the Morganstern's and their new album 'No Talking' is one I instantly felt a self-connection with. Honestly within a few minutes I knew I wanted to do an interview so ..... I worked it out. This way not only does it allow you all to get to know them better, but in my own selfish existence I wanted to know more about this band. I tip my hat ahead of time to everyone involved and appreciate all the fans/supporters of OnlyTheTribe. Check em' out below and lets continue to find these hidden trails.

Me: For starters, you are based out of L.A. did all you grow up in California or was it like a dream for some of you to make it to the Golden State? Where there other reasons for being in L.A. for some of you?

The Morgansterns: We are all from California, which in itself was like a dream.  We stayed here because we couldn't imagine being away from Pup 'n Taco... they had hot dogs AND tacos! We all love hot dogs and tacos.  That led directly to our love of music.  One day when we were kids Jamie and Ben (G) were at Pup 'n Taco (Jamie was eating a hot dog and Ben was eating a taco) and they had a radio on.  It was lightning struck.  Cyndi Lauper's  "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" was on and we just freaked out.  The rest was history.

Me: So you guys were recently on tour, could you summarize the East coast travels/gigs?

The Morgansterns: We were told the tour went great.  East coast audiences tend to be a lot more generous than LA crowds.  All we can say about the tour is we felt lucky to get back home alive.  We ran out of drugs and were forced to come home.  We realize that some drugs are illegal so please edit as you see fit.  Thank you.

*note* I didn't edit this because it is awesome!

Me: If you guys could select one of your songs for any movie scene what song and what movie scene would it be?

The Morgansterns: That's easy.  It would be "Torn in Two" in the closing scene of Blame It on Rio. I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

Me: It says you're latest album was produced by Barrie Maguire. I am curious how involved you guys are in the prodction side of your albums ...... basically just wanting to know how much of the producing you guys have done in the past compared to the most recent album 'No Talking'

The Morgansterns: We were intimately involved in the production of the record, like all of our music, but we knew we could work with Barrie because he's as big a jackass as we are.

Me: This last question is open ended - tell us a funny / awesome story about The Morgansterns.

The Morgansterns: We were at Niagara Falls early in the morning, having had no sleep the night before, and decided screw it, let's get some barrels and ride this puppy.  So the five of us went over Niagara Falls in barrels.  Ruined our hair-dos, but what are you gonna do?


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