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Interview: Blonds

Being that I am away from my University for a month I had some time to find you all an interview with a rad new group. Jordy Asher and Cari Rae of Blonds were awesome enough to be our huckleberry. The dating duo are early in their musical career, but it wasn't something I wanted to duck dive. Blonds give us a break from the "main stream" and make for a much appreciated change of pace. Check out their first EP, Dark Roots, read the interview below, watch the video and end with the stream (the order doesn't matter just don't miss a step). 


The Tribe: I read that Blonds is the "dating duo", did music have anything to do with what brought y'all together?

Blonds: Actually, it had everything to do with what brought us together. We met because of music, we connected because of music, and we continue to grow every day together because of our deep seeded love and life, for music.


The Tribe: Was forming Blonds (a band) something that had been discussed for a while / something you guys planned on doing together? Were you guys ever in groups prior to Blonds?

Blonds: It was something that we casually discussed, but we didn't plan on doing anything as soon as this. We just kind of woke up one day and the inspiration between the two of us was just too big of an elephant to keep a blanket over in the room anymore. Our 'Dark Roots' EP was the beginning of a serious purge! I have never been involved in a band, but Jordy has been in bands and writing music since he was a teenager.


The Tribe: Why Blonds? From the band camp pic. and the music video it doesn't appear either of you have blond hair.

Blonds: Jordy really likes how the word and this particular spelling of "blonds" sounds. He once had a band called "Blond Fuzz" and when we were brainstorming band names, he concluded that name was "awesome because of the 'blonds' part and fucking stupid because of the 'fuzz'". We like the irony of our both having very dark hair. Also, we like that the connotation of the word 'blond' doesn't depict our characters. 


The Tribe: What are the tasks for each of you in recording a track? Do you both write lyrics, who plays the instruments, etc....

Blonds: Jordy plays all of the instruments when we record, as he is a far superior musician! Usually he sends me a skeleton of some sort and then we lay everything down together so we can yay/nay things or add to the sound (Two head are better than one, right?). We both write lyrics, but usually Jordy's already got a vocal line or some key phrases/words by the time the skeleton is coming my way. Typically the vocals are the final touch, and I sing it loose to see where my voice wants to go with the feel of the sound.


The Tribe: Jordy and Cari what is the favorite tattoo on the others body? (that is of course the video for 206 is you guys and it appears it is).

Blonds: I would have to say my favorite tattoo on Jordy in the autumn-colored leaves on his right forearm because it reminds me of a song that means a lot to me. Jordy says his favorite tattoo on me is, "the one none of you will ever see." 


The Tribe: What are the future plans for Blonds?

Blonds: We are currently recording our full length and plan on touring in the spring. We'll be playing a lot of shows at the start of 2012 and doing some more music videos in support of our "Dark Roots" EP.

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