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Conner Youngblood; True Texas - flesh and blood

I contacted Conner because I was interested beyond belief with his music. The first single I heard of his was Monster and he hit it on all levels. After posting a quick journal I thought I had gone far enough. That would prove wrong after I continued to play his music over and over. This was one of those times where I had to get in contact with somebody because I needed to know more. I found Conner and he agreed to do a quick interview for us. Enjoy the words below as much as the words in his music.

Me: First off I have to ask you if Conner Youngblood is your birth name, and if so, I bet a lot of those vampire + "twilight" chicks are loving you .... ha. On a serious note though, where were you raised / first place you called home?

Conner: Yesssir, Conner Youngblood is in fact my real deal name, and yes, vampire chicks dig me. Even more Twilight-esque of my name is the fact that Conner means (were)wolf lover in Gaelic according to various baby name websites. As for my hometown, I was born and raised in Dallas, TX, aka the coolest place on earth.

Me: Was there any certain people that influenced you to get into music or did you find it on your own? Once you realized that music was what you enjoyed how did you go about really learning "music"? Did you pursue a teacher? Or other musicians? Or did you really just pick it up on your own and loved doing your own thing without much outside communication?

Conner: Music just kinda happened. I was the “starting” 6th chair clarinet in middle school band, quit, and moved on to bigger and way cooler things when I got an electric guitar for my 13th birthday. Unfortunately/fortunately I get tired of instruments really easily, and next thing you know I have a piano, accordion, banjo, charango, ukulele, oud, harp, and some other weird instruments scattered across the floor in my room. Even though I took piano lessons for credit for a couple of years in high school, the only instrument I’ve taken serious lessons for is banjo. All of the other instruments with stings I taught myself how to play by ear, and I basically click random buttons when I play accordion haha. I love to play around with all of my instruments and it’s always tough to choose which one to practice…I sort of have musical A.D.D.

Me: How did you decide to pick up the banjo and it use it so often? I have noticed it is a key part to your very unique style, which is why I have grown to enjoy your stuff so much and I think that others would say the same. Should we expect to hear you on the banjo in upcoming tracks?

Conner: I decided on the banjo once I became obsessed with bluegrass music after watching O Brother Where Art Thou for the first time. That movie and its soundtrack are incredible. Even though my music is in no way bluegrass, I like to take bits and pieces of traditional banjo styles and mix them into a contemporary sound. As for my next tracks, I haven’t really decided on using banjo yet. Its been a while since I’ve used accordion or piano on a track, but then again, everything tastes better with a little banjo on top.

Me: Last thing I have to know is what are your aspirations? I know this is a self-reflecting kind of question, but at least in terms of music where do you want to be? What should we expect from Conner Youngblood in the coming months and years?

Conner: I’ve been taking it one day at a time, one song at a time. Music is what I love to do, and I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. Even though I’m basically unknown at the moment, I feel as long as I keep writing new (and hopefully good) music I can turn this passion into a career. (I literally knocked on wood as soon as a typed that last sentence.) In the coming months look for a couple more singles to be released, and hopefully by the summer I can put together a new album. Hopefully years from now I’ll be touring the world, making guest appearances on Kanye’s next album, and doing all of those other things cool musicians do.


I am already stoked on his upcoming tracks and I will be keeping OnlyTheTribe on the trail of Conner Youngblood. Below are some cherry tunes from Conner along with iTunes download links. We all lean on one another so let's support a great musician.


Conner Youngblood - Like an Iceberg

Conner Youngblood - Colored Ghost

Conner Youngblood - Monsters

Conner Youngblood - Girl Hair

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